Foreign Accent Reduction, Regional Dialect Modification, Stamford, CT

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After taking Ms. MacKenzie’s class for accent reduction, my colleagues noticed that I could speak English more clearly. This is very important because I make regular presentations to team members and management. Her teaching skills were so good that I could tell that my English speaking was improving after every class. She also provided all the necessary class materials that were very helpful with improving my communication skills. I strongly recommend her to any one who has the intention of improving his/her communication skills, especially in accent reduction.”  – BY, Senior Analyst, Pitney Bowes



“When I started working as a resident physician, there were times I found it difficult to communicate with patients and colleagues effectively. Through this course, my accent was markedly reduced which enabled me to communicate with them more effectively. Moreover, I became more confident about my presentation skills that allowed me to participate in a conference more actively. In addition, I also would like to thank Ms. MacKenzie for being flexible about her time for the course during my busy work schedule. Now I often realize how valuable the accent reduction course was. I have no hesitation to recommend this course if you are not a native speaker who is seeking to improve your communication skills.” – Dr. Seayong Kang, Greenwich Hospital



“I had joined several English classes, and spent a lot of time on the basic grammars.  The most important thing that I wanted was to correct my pronunciation which is hard to get through the typical English class, but I got it from Vicki Mackenzie's training. I also like the materials that I received from the class which not only helps you to improve English, but also relate to your job. For example, I installed the software from the Longman Advanced American Dictionary included in the course on my computer, and have been using it for writing my email, documentation, presentations, and correcting my pronunciation every day. Computer Terminology and Business English Meetings were also related to my job. The class is over but I got a lot of materials, especially CDs that I can use to continue training by myself. I am working with them now and it's really helpful.” –

QW, Computer Analyst, Save the Children 



“The focus of the sessions was pronunciation where we saw great improvement. This was particularly important to us since our employee communicates often via telephone with our most important clients and also makes announcements on our paging system. The sessions were supplemented by an excellent array of resources including audio tapes, books, CDs, and pamphlets. These continue to provide ongoing support for our employee to practice.  Ms. MacKenzie is a talented coach, who not only covered her subject matter, but also helped allay the fears of our employee by helping her overcome her initial apprehension. Our employee worked very hard and showed a 90% improvement over the course of the sessions. We were very happy with our decision to hire Ms. MacKenzie and were pleased with the results.” -MM, Vice President, Facilities Management, MBIA



“She [Ms. MacKenzie] formally tested him [the resident physician], prepared a customized program, tailored to his specific needs and arranged her schedule to meet with him regularly after hours. Almost immediately, we noticed an improvement in his willingness to express himself on rounds and in conferences. However, the most meaningful results were those that came gradually with time. After the formal program, Ms. MacKenzie gave our resident physician a follow up self study plan, and just last week I complemented him, once again, on the great progress he has continued to make in his use of spoken English. . . . I feel completely comfortable in recommending Ms. MacKenzie most highly for the following reasons. Her methods are based solidly on established principles that she discussed fully with me prior to taking on her assignment, her manner was professional in every way, and her ability to be flexible and yet keep to a fairly ambitious time line was exceptional. Perhaps the best recommendation is that we will certainly use her services again in the future.” -Charles B. Seelig, MD, MS, Director of Medical Education, Greenwich Hospital



“Today I presented to the CEO and the Director of Marketing. The CEO noticed a big difference in my accent and presentation. Thank you so much for changing my accent in just 4 days. This is great. I can't believe it.” - VJ, PhD, Lead Nutrition and Biochemistry Researcher, Nutrition 21 (Her presentation was delivered to the Annual Conference of the Federation for American Societies of Experimental Biology (FASEB) in Washington, DC.)